Strong desire to advance reconciliation

Reconciliation is vital for every society that wants to live in peace, love, and unity. Australia had a historical reconciliation to ensure the peace and harmony thrives in the Society.

What is reconciliation movement?

Reconciliation movement entirely involves a large group of people with a common goal of achieving reconciliation through negotiation and other peaceful discussions to achieve healthy coexistence. Such a reconciliation movement was witnessed during Aboriginal reconciliation in Australia.

What are 5 dimensions of reconciliation?

The following are five dimensions of reconciliation

Historical acceptance

Aussies have learned to accept what happened in the past as a result of the wrongs that led to misunderstanding. Therefore, they devoted themselves to ensure these wrongs are solved peacefully so that they don’t occur again in the future.

Institutional integrity

This is the support that is brought by community structure, business, and political class. It is meant to ensure all the institutions don’t suffer injustices that are brought through misunderstanding. This was among the reconciliation dimension that was undertaken in Australia.


Unity is based on the values that brought shared identity in Australian society. It involved recognition of Torres strait islander and Aboriginal cultures.

Equality and equity

The Torres strait islander and Aboriginal have equally participated in activities that present equal rights which eventually Foster’s equality and equity.

Race relations

Australians acknowledge the value of Torres straight slander and Aboriginal among other experiences, rights, and indigenous cultures. This has led to a stronger relationship that has seen the abolition of Racism.

What was the purpose of the council for Aboriginal reconciliation?

Reconciliation was very Essential in the Australian community because it required the people to acknowledge the wrongdoings brought by inequalities and past Injustice which were experienced by the Torres straight slander and Aboriginal people during the times of colonialism. Therefore, a council for about reconciliation was formed to mitigate peaceful coexistence among the Australian immunity following the past injustices. They had a strong desire to advance reconciliation to ensure that such acts wouldn’t occur in the future so that people can live in a society that fosters good relations.

How do you achieve reconciliation?

Reconciliation is a process that Is based on mutual understanding. Therefore, to achieve reconciliation you will require a third party like the council of Aboriginal which was formed in Australia to address the social injustices and other issues to ensure the society lives together in harmony. Therefore, for successful reconciliation, you will require the third party to chip in ad address the issues through peacemaking on both sides that are affected. This will allow each party to present their claim that will form à a platform to intervention measures that are meant to bring unity and peace in the community.

What is symbolic reconciliation?

Symbolic reconciliation involves recognition of mutual respect and Goodwill to the social injustice that disrupted peaceful coexistence. The colonization of Aboriginal is symbolic in the reconciliation effort here in Australia.

What does the Bible say about reconciliation?

The Bible presents reconciliation as a way of connecting Christians back to God after the end of bondage brought by sin. The reconciliation came to be after the death of Jesus on the cross because of the sinful nature of man. This provided a platform and opportunity for every Christian to get saved from sin so that they can get reconciled to God.

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