Do you want to break the silence on Australia’s shared history and empower young people to become allies in reconciliation?

Role Title: Yarn Program Co-Manager
Role Type: Flexible 15-38 hours per week

This is an identified position for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Australians.

A vital step in moving towards reconciliation is to ensure all Australians know about Australia’s shared history, Australia’s First Peoples and the world’s oldest surviving culture. Yarn is a youth-to-youth reconciliation education program that facilitates an understanding of cultural identity, shared history and reconciliation.

What is Yarn?

Yarn is exactly that - a yarn! A safe space to have courageous conversations about race, racism and reconciliation. Yarn workshops involve a series of interactive and self-reflective activities and discussions designed to allow participants to think critically and openly explore Australia’s history in a safe environment. Over a number of weeks, participants can engage in the challenging and sometimes controversial conversations we need to have as a nation, and form their own views on Indigenous issues and reconciliation.

What does the Co-Manager role entail?

The role of Co-Manager Role is an opportunity to take a leadership role as both an advisor to the program and a facilitator working directly with young people to break down the barriers that exist between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal young people. Within this role, there is scope to make considerable social impact whilst enhancing your own skill set. Training and development in facilitation, cross-cultural communication, cultural awareness and other areas of need will be provided.

We are looking for someone with...

  • Confidence and public speaking skills
  • A broad understanding of Australia’s shared history
  • A desire to share their personal story
  • Experience working with young people
  • High energy and a passion for reconciliation
  • An alignment with ICEA’s overarching values of:
    • respect,
    • reconciliation,
    • empathy,
    • curiosity,
    • empowerment,
    • family,
    • humour
    • sustainability

Key Responsibilities:

  • Delivering Yarn workshops in high schools
  • Taking a leadership role as a program facilitator
  • Working alongside the Yarn Program Manager to continue to evaluate and develop the program
  • Assisting in recruiting and up-skilling facilitators

This role is based in Perth, WA.

This is an identified position for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Australians.

Applicants with backgrounds in education, drama or Indigenous studies are strongly encouraged to apply for this role.

ICEA is a youth-led organisation.

For more information or to ask questions, contact Anna at To apply, please send your CV and covering letter to the same email. We look forward to hearing from you!

Applications close on June 2nd, 2017.