ICEA Yarn for Professionals is a brand new initiative tailored specifically to meet the needs of our increasingly diverse workplaces. Whether you want your team to build capacity in a variety of professional skills, become more culturally responsive leaders, or want to lead your industry in driving reconciliation in our community, the ICEA Yarn for Professionals suite has something to offer you.

 Part of ICEA’s ethos is that each of us undergoes our own reconciliation ‘kuditjiny’ (learning journey), and we are committed to working with all members of our community to achieve this. The ICEA Yarn Program is developing more informed, active and engaged young people with the power of critical thinking and a sense of responsibility for shaping our future. We rely on community and business support to continue to spread our message to more young people across WA. This means that through engaging with Yarn, your organisation not only enjoys the benefits of a more culturally responsive workplace, but also contributes to positively influencing the minds of our youth.


Through Yarn, your team will:

  • Build competency in listening, storytelling and critical thinking.
  • Become more able to develop and navigate cross-cultural working relationships.
  • Develop a clearer sense of how their values and experiences influence the way they work and interact with others.
  • Come to understand the value of culturally responsive leadership styles, and know how to champion them.
  • Develop a toolkit of skills and strategies that will allow them to have meaningful impact on the way their workplace pursues reconciliation.

There are three ways that your business or workplace can engage with icea's yarn program.

1.Host a community yarn and deepen engagement with your network 

ICEA hosts free and open Community Yarn Nights every Wednesday. These nights are opportunities for participants to express their opinions, listen to the stories of others and have open conversations about the issues we face in reconciliation. As a host of Community Yarn, you will be able to invite your networks, followers or alumni to share in these conversations which are unique opportunities to engage in reconciliation.


  • Become a Partner of the ICEA Yarn Program
  • Show leadership in reconciliation to your staff and external networks
  • Offer a free event for your networks, followers, staff or alumni

Your Commitment:

  • Coordinate venue and refreshments to be provided (if any)
  • Coordinate the sending of invites to your networks and secure numbers for the event

Focus Areas:

  • Cultural identity and values
  • Stereotyping, prejudice and racism
  • Colonisation and Stolen Generation: how the past impacts the present
  • Aboriginal activism in Australian history
  • The future and how to be allies in reconciliation

We have also yarned about topical issues such as the 18C debate, 'blackface' and the conversation around changing the date of Australia Day. These are open conversations where participants can explore multiple perspectives and build empathy.

This is delivered as one 2 hour workshop for a maximum of 15 people.

2. Get yarn in your workplace for free by becoming a find 50 donor.

We are currently seeking donors for our Maladjiny Project which hosts the iconic ICEA Classic, bringing together thousands of Western Australians to celebrate Aboriginal and youth cultures in the spirit of reconciliation. Make a tax deductible donation of $500 or more, and not only will you join a community of like-minded individuals and gain access to exclusive events and information, you'll also receive Yarn in your workplace for free.


  • Build and determine consensus on reconciliation issues
  • Develop a Reconciliation Mission Statement
  • Spread enthusiasm: creating‘buy-in’ among team members
  • Explore practical ways to live out reconciliation in the workplace
  • Plan constructive and meaningful NAIDOC and Reconciliation Week celebrations

Leading together: Yarning with your organisation and meeting the needs of a culturally diverse workplace.

These sessions are about facilitating open and honest conversations about cross-cultural relationships, and how we can work effectively as partners in the workplace.

“ICEA’s Yarn helped me to refocus on reconciliation and understand that it is not a ‘one-off’, it is a continuous journey”
— Bankwest Employee

Focus areas:

  • Major barriers to reconciliation
  • The role of your organisation and individuals in reconciliation
  • Becoming an ‘ally’ in reconciliation
  • Strategies for having courageous conversations with your community

This is delivered as a series of in-house workshops to any number of interested employees. 

3. Sponsor yarn and join us in leading reconciliation in western australia

We have currently reached 3,683 Western Australian students with our Yarn high school workshops. Our dream is to have meaningful conversations for change about reconciliation with each of the 125,473 students in the greater Perth area.

To do this, we need to grow our team of Yarn facilitators and expand our reach. With every $20,000 of sponsorship, we create employment for a pair of passionate young people who will yarn with up to 2,000 students over 12 months. With $250,000 of funding, we could reach every young person in WA by 2020.

Sponsorship of all sizes make our work possible and bring our vision to life. By investing in Yarn, your organisation is enabling thousands of young people to become culturally responsive allies in reconciliation - and your workplace receives free Yarn workshops too! To discuss opportunities for sponsorship, please contact Anna Balston at