ICEA Yarn for Professionals is a brand new initiative tailored specifically to meet the needs of our increasingly diverse workplaces. Whether you want your team to build capacity in a variety of professional skills, become more culturally responsive leaders, or want to lead your industry in driving reconciliation in our community, the ICEA Yarn for Professionals suite has something to offer you.

 Part of ICEA’s ethos is that each of us undergoes our own reconciliation ‘kuditjiny’ (learning journey), and we are committed to working with all members of our community to achieve this. The ICEA Yarn Program is developing more informed, active and engaged young people with the power of critical thinking and a sense of responsibility for shaping our future. We rely on community and business support to continue to spread our message to more young people across WA. This means that through engaging with Yarn, your organisation not only enjoys the benefits of a more culturally responsive workplace, but also contributes to positively influencing the minds of our youth.


Throughout the course of your Yarn package, your employees will:

  • Build competency in listening, storytelling and critical thinking.
  • Become more able to develop and navigate cross-cultural working relationships.
  • Develop a clearer sense of how their values and experiences influence the way they work and interact with others.
  • Come to understand the value of culturally responsive leadership styles, and know how to champion them.
  • Develop a toolkit of skills and strategies that will allow them to have meaningful impact on the way their workplace pursues reconciliation.


ICEA is now offering tailored Yarn Packages to organisations wanting to lead their industry in reconciliation.

Shifting Thought Package: $10,000

Toolkit development: How to lay the scaffolding of reconciliation in the workplace. 
Moving beyond enthusiasm and into a strategic approach to building cross-organisational commitment to reconciliation action.

Focus areas:

  • Building and determining consensus.
  • Developing a Reconciliation Mission Statement.
  • Spreading enthusiasm: creating ‘buy-in’.
  • Exploring practical ways to live reconciliation out in the workplace.
  • How to be constructive during NAIDOC and Reconciliation Week: celebrating meaningfully.
“ICEA’s Yarn helped me to refocus on reconciliation and understand that it is not a ‘one-off’, it is a continuous journey”
— Bankwest Employee

Meeting the needs of a culturally diverse workplace. 
Facilitating open and honest conversations about cross-cultural relationships, and how we can work effectively as partners in the workplace.

Focus areas:

  • Major barriers to reconciliation.
  • The role of your organisation on a wider scale.
  • Becoming an ‘ally’.
  • Strategies for having courageous conversations with your community.

Delivered in 2 workshops for a group of 15-20 employees. If you want this experience for your whole workplace, take a look at the Courageous Leaders Package.

Courageous Leaders Package: $15,000

All the benefits of the Shifting Thought Package, plus:

Leading together: Yarning with your organisation.
 Addressing the ‘tricky topics’ and building trust in a culturally diverse workplace to create an open dialogue about team effectiveness, wellbeing and cohesion.

Focus areas:

  • Building partnership between Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal people.
  • Listening and sharing stories and experiences to improve working relationships.
  • Culturally responsive leadership.
  • Building teams that value and understand Aboriginal perspectives.

Delivered as a series of in-house workshops to any number of interested employees.

Yarn Retreat

Access to an overnight camp for 2 employees designed and delivered in collaboration with cultural awareness, leadership, facilitation and team-building experts. These employees will not only take part in transformational workshops, but will interact with like minded leaders and learn from the experiences of others, all while connecting with Noongar culture.


Change Makers Package: $25,000

All the benefits of the Courageous Leaders Package, plus:

Yarn Retreat for 4 employees.

Culturally immersed: join us on the Dampier Peninsula. 
People care most for that which they have experienced. During a 4 day all-expenses paid cultural immersion in remote communities on the beautiful Dampier Peninsula, 1 employee will have the transformational opportunity to learn from local Rangers on Country. Not only will this inspire your employee to become a driver of reconciliation in your business, but they will also take away invaluable insight into different styles of teamwork, leadership and problem solving that can be translated back into the teams they lead or work within.

Read more about our work on the Dampier Peninsula here.