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ICEA believes that everyone undergoes their own reconciliation ‘Kuditjiny’ (a Noongar word meaning ‘journey of attaining more knowledge’), and we are committed to empowering our community to achieve this. Through purchasing our apparel, you empower us to continue to work with thousands of young people across Western Australia, both in high-schools across Perth and with remote communities on the Dampier Peninsula to create a brighter future for all Aussies.


By retailing our product, you are:

  • Financially supporting the delivery of ICEA’s programs and events which empower 1000’s of young people to become active drivers of reconciliation in our community
  • Enabling us to establish an underlying product line that will sustain our organisation into the future
  • Spreading our message of mutual respect and reconciliation to our wider community, and
  • Becoming an ally in reconciliation yourself!