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“Yarn was a safe space to share my thoughts without being judged and I learnt new things about the history of Australia”

"Once I gained the knowledge I gained motivation to do something."

"I liked how open the discussions were and everyone was involved."


"The facilitators were very chilled and open about the topics and answered lots of big questions."

"Really liked that we had control over what we learned and that we were able to have a say in the decision process."

"I didn’t realise there were so many languages and so much diversity."

"The program should go longer! There is just so much to learn that we don't get at school."



"Every school should have this program. Every Australian student should have this knowledge and understanding"

"I love the focus on the future and starting the conversation. There is so much to learn and opening the lines of communication helps to create positive change."

"They presented a positive message of real hope for lasting change."

"I felt privileged to be part of the event."

"The speakers showed fantastic energy and

"It was extremely interesting and a bit
emotional at times."

"It helped me to refocus on reconciliation and understand that it is not a one off, that it is a continuous journey."

"It helped me to improve my limited understanding of the impact that history has on their present life and the value of reconciliation."

"You need to know your foundation before you can proudly stand tall."