ICEA Reps is a fun, safe, inclusive environment where young people can…

  • build new connections with like-minded, energetic young people
  • share their barriers, challenges and successes in reconciliation
  • develop skills and strategies to drive reconciliation in their school community
  • form new friendships and build their own self-confidence and social awareness
  • have their ideas listened to, be valued, supported and empowered to pursue their own initiatives
ICEA reps is a fortnightly meeting where young teens from various schools come together to chat about reconciliation and what it means for us as young Australians. The Reps meetings are a great way to get involved with ICEA and really find out the true meaning of Aboriginal cultures and histories both past and present.
— Phoebe, ICEA Student Rep 2017


Any high-school aged students in Perth who are keen to be involved in reconciliation can join the Reps group with no need to be invited or apply for entry.

When and where?

Fortnightly meetings are hosted by two young Reps Coordinators (past Reps) at the ICEA HQ. Students can join our Reps group on Facebook or click here to sign up.

What's the benefit?

When asked to describe their experience in the ICEA Reps group, the benefits listed by members included:

  • Growing into better role-models for their school community
  • Having their ideas valued and enacted
  • Gaining hands on experience in grass roots community development and event planning
  • Seeing inspirational youth leadership in practice
  • Feeling supported through a transitional period from high-school to young adulthood
  • Being surrounded by a group of young people with a passion for change
  • Being educated about things they don’t learn at school in relation to reconciliation and Aboriginal Australia