School Packages

Creating more culturally inclusive schools, stimulating discussion, and driving reconciliation in the community

By pairing our Yarn Program with local Noongar artist, Kambarni, these packages will provide your school with opportunities to:

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  • Engage students in cultural learning opportunities

  • Build pride in both school and Australian culture

  • Share stories to find common ground

  • Celebrate Aboriginal culture and people

  • Develop a better sense of personal identity, culture, and worldview

  • Promote reconciliation to your community


We will tailor each package to your school to complement any other reconciliation initiatives you have in place including NAIDOC and National Reconciliation Week.


Below are the standard package costs, however, we are able to work with most budgets to deliver a culturally rich and engaging environment to develop the reconciliation movement within your school. 


Package 1


1 x whole year Yarn session

1 x lunchtime art workshop with Kambarni


Package 2


3 x Yarn sessions (3 classes across one day)

1 x full day mural workshop with Kambarni

Package 3


6 x Yarn sessions ( 2 workshops for 3 classes across two days)

1 x Teachers workshop after school

1 x full day mural workshop with Kambarni

*all prices are exclusive of gst

ICEA’s Yarn program has great potential to make real lasting grass root impact in our community around how we learn and develop greater understanding about our Australian history.
— Danny Ford, Noongar leader and ICEA Board Member

Kambarni - Art workshop

Kambarni is descended from the Nimunburr and Yawuru people of the Kimberley and the Ballardong Noongar people of the Perth region in Western Australia. He is an illustrator who reflects the natural world with his intricate designs. 

Kam discusses Indigenous art by exploring some of the driving principals, techniques, and differences within the style itself. Participants will then be guided through an art workshop to produce a piece of art inspired by Indigenous styles.



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