The overarching purpose of the Remote Communities program is to empower young people through skill and knowledge development as part of a two-way-sharing model. In conjunction with local schools and rangers, ICEA rewards school attendance with both ‘short term’ incentives such as sports equipment, resources and other materials and ‘long term’ incentives wherein the rangers facilitate On Country learning experiences. The program emphasises the importance of both western and traditional knowledge systems and learnings, as well as showcasing meaningful employment opportunities within community that piece together these two systems of knowledge. 

In 2017, ICEA is hoping to deepen our engagement with young people in these communities, and lead the program toward being community led and run in the future. This will involve the facilitation of skill-development workshops that are designed in collaboration with community members. Working with the schools and rangers to identify young leaders who will then be up-skilled in program planning, development and delivery is key to this.

Remote Communities consists of:

  • 4 x 1 week-long ‘incentives’ trips (one per school term)
  • 1 x 2 week-long Holiday Program (July 1 - 16)



Incentives Trips

  • Liaising with community stakeholders to calendarise trips
  • Coordinating the purchase of incentives materials
  • Confirming the arrangement of cultural excursions delivered by the Rangers
  • Collecting attendance data from schools
  • Coordinating any other initiatives requested by community
  • Collecting feedback from community stakeholders, including students, principals, teachers and rangers 

Holiday Program

  • Liaising with community stakeholders in order to:
    • identify skill areas to be developed
    • identify community members with whom ICEA can collaborate
    • arrange training and development and Cultural Awareness Training opportunities for volunteers in community
  • Devise Trip Itinerary and Volunteer Experience packages to be advertised for volunteer recruitment
  • Conduct Volunteer Recruitment in conjunction with CEO & COO
  • Acting as the Supervising Officer for the duration of the two week trip, involving:
    • Conducting check-ins with community and ICEA facilitators to track progress of workshops/activities
    • Conducting check-ins with stakeholders (i.e. Rangers, schools) to receive ongoing feedback
    • Supporting Volunteer Coordinators by ensuring they have necessary access to people, resources and infrastructure
    • Conducting pre- and debriefs with Volunteer Coordinators 

Who we are looking for:

  • Experience working in remote areas and particularly in Aboriginal communities
  • A demonstrated understanding of the unique needs and protocols of remote communities
  • Experience in community development and capacity building (not essential)
  • Experience working with young people
  • A lot of energy
  • A passion for reconciliation, and
  • An alignment with ICEA’s overarching values of:
    • respect, 
    • reconciliation, 
    • empathy, 
    • curiosity, 
    • empowerment, 
    • family, 
    • humour
    • sustainability 

The role is part-time and based in Perth, but applicants who travel frequently or live between Perth and the Kimberley region are encouraged to apply.

Applicants from the Kimberley region and applicants of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply for this role.

ICEA is a youth-led organisation.


Contact Emma at with any queries. To apply, please send your CV and covering letter to the same email. Your covering letter should address what interests you about the role, what skills and experience you can bring to it and how you aligned with ICEA's overarching values. We look forward to hearing from you!

Applications close Tuesday, 7th of March at 5pm.