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The ICEA Foundation delivers four main programs, as seen below. To find out more about any of these, click on the name and you’ll be redirected to an info page!

It is a joint project between the Rangers, the Bardi people and ICEA that we progressively assist our younger ones to become leaders. That’s the whole aim of it, not just become leaders, but become good leaders.
— Kevin George, Chairman of the Bardi Jawi PBC
Once I gained the knowledge I gained the motivation to do something.
— Year 10 Yarn Participant
The most genuinely meaningful reconciliation event I have ever attended.
— Barbara Bynder, Noongar Artist and past ICEA Director
I enjoyed being able to interact with people that I wouldn’t usually talk to as well as learning a lot about Aboriginal culture and having some fun after school.
— Maladjiny Participant