find 50


Find 50 is a community based fundraising initiative that aims to build a community of like-minded donors who are passionate about positively influencing their community through ICEA's programs.

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What impact will my contribution have?

Find 50 will underpin ICEA’s Maladjiny Project, which is an entirely volunteer led initiative that presents five events throughout the year, all of which aim to bring young people together to grow their own skills and self confidence, as well as grow new, diverse friendships based on mutual respect and trust. The ICEA Classic is the fifth and final event in the Maladjiny calendar, and is where all ICEA programs culminate in one action-packed day centred on a Noongar cultural festival. The event is not just a celebration of everything that makes WA so unique, but also an opportunity for our community to come together around the common values of reconciliation. By becoming part of our donor community for the Maladjiny Project you are making a contribution that has lasting impact throughout a whole year and support hundreds of young people to meaningfully engage with reconciliation.

Why become a Find 50 Donor?

Find 50  is a community based fundraising movement to encourage members/businesses to contribute a tax deductible $500 donation for the ICEA Maladjiny program. By becoming a donor, you will:

  • Have exclusive access to Yarn workshops where you can build your reconciliation knowledge

  • Receive invitations to special events where you can connect with other members of the Find 50 community

  • Receive recognition on our website and promotional packages for this year's ICEA Classic

  • Have access to volunteer opportunities for businesses and employees at all five Maladjiny events

  • Elevate your brand as a leader of reconciliation through brand association with the ICEA Classic (logo banners, logo on marketing material, including billboards)