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Traditionally 10 years of marriage is rewarded with tin, suppose that means it’s time for us to start rattling ours.

After 10 years of learning, growing, and evolving we couldn't be more proud of what we have achieved in 2017:

  • Our Aus Day video reached 983,494 people
  • Our facilitators sat down to Yarn with 2098 students across 18 schools 
  • Our team spent 1080 hours with the youth from remote communities on the Dampier Peninsular
  • We collaborated with 12 Noongar cultural organisations, 11 other like-minded organisations, 10 bands, 740kgs of couches, and a carpark (plus road) full of people to celebrate WA cultures at the ICEA Classic.

To allow 2018 to be even bigger we are turning to the community who have always been an integral part of the ICEA Family. Whether they came down to our events to learn about traditional Noongar toolmaking, donated prizes, listened to our stories in-class, dropped their kids down to surf early in the morning,  took us out crabbing and fishing, or wear our merch, we always know they are there and it keeps a smile on our face.

For $10 you can empower other Australians to get on board and we can shift the Australian story together. 

We thank you for sticking with us and always showing us love,

Tom Joyner

PS. 50 years of marriage is rewarded with gold so watch out for 2058’s appeal!

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There is always more to learn! We've put together a list of resources to assist you in driving reconciliation in your community. 

Check it out here.


Find 50 is a collective fundraising initiative building a community of like-minded donors who are passionate about supporting ICEA's mission of moving towards reconciliation.

For a tax deductible donation of $1,000, you will:

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