Reconciliation Packages

Creating more culturally inclusive workplaces, stimulating discussion, and driving reconciliation in the community

By pairing our Yarn Program with local Noongar artist, Kambarni, these packages will provide your workplace with opportunities to:

  • Engage employees in cultural learning opportunities

  • Build pride in both workplace and Australian culture

  • Share stories to find common ground

  • Celebrate Aboriginal culture and people

  • Develop a better sense of personal identity, culture, and worldview

  • Promote reconciliation to your stakeholders


We will tailor each package to you workplace to complement any other reconciliation initiatives you have in place. Below are the standard package costs, however, we are able to work with most budgets to deliver a culturally rich and engaging environment to develop the reconciliation movement within your organisation. 

ICEA’s Yarn helped me to refocus on reconciliation and understand that it is not a ‘one-off’, it is a continuous journey
— Bankwest Employee

Package 1


1 x Yarn session

1 x cultural experience

Package 2


2 x Yarn sessions

2 x cultural experiences

1 x Keynote talk

Package 3


5 x Yarn sessions

3 x cultural experience

1 x Keynote talk

*All prices are exclusive of GST

ICEA’s Yarn program has great potential to make real lasting grass root impact in our community around how we learn and develop greater understanding about our Australian history.
— Danny Ford, Noongar leader and ICEA Board Member



Kambarni - Art workshop

Kambarni is descended from the Nimunburr and Yawuru people of the Kimberley and the Ballardong Noongar people of the Perth region in Western Australia. He is an illustrator who reflects the natural world with his intricate designs. 

Kam discusses Indigenous art by exploring some of the driving principals, techniques, and differences within the style itself. Participants will then be guided through an art workshop to produce a piece of art inspired by Indigenous styles.



Bindi Bindi Dreaming – Discussion and food tasting

Bindi Bindi Dreaming and ICEA running a food tasting session at Macquarie

Bindi Bindi Dreaming and ICEA running a food tasting session at Macquarie

Marissa Verma of Bindi Bindi Dreaming will share her knowledge of Noongar Boodjar and local bush foods while you can enjoy tasty bush tukka morsels.

Bindi Bindi Dreaming recognises cultural difference and aims to deliver cross-cultural interaction. The journey's help participants become self-aware, increase, expose and connects with different people culturally.

Bindi Bindi Dreaming aims to showcase unique Aboriginal culture of Perth, Western Australia. Bindi Bindi Dreaming will allow visitors to gain a better understanding about its traditional people whom are local to the Perth/Metropolitan area and share their continuation of cultural traditions. They aim to do this by raising people’s awareness of Noongar culture in Perth, Western Australia. They aim to provide a 100% Aboriginal owned and operated cultural experience which will be most memorable for anyone to further share this to their families and friends.

Bindi Bindi means Butterfly in the local Noongar language.

Jade Doleman - Art, dance workshops

Jade running an art workshop at the Mundaring Art Centre

Jade running an art workshop at the Mundaring Art Centre

J.D. Penangke is an Aboriginal-owned business run by Jade Dolman. She is an Aboriginal artist with Whadjuk/Ballardong, Eastern Arrernte heritage. She delivers cultural education in an interactive way for corporates, community events or school incursions.

Dakota Baker - Didgeridoo workshops (for male only)

Dakota delivering a workshop at Byford Senior High

Dakota delivering a workshop at Byford Senior High

 Dakota is a proud Whadjuk Nyoongar man who practises and shares his culture to the wider Perth community. He is a part of the Baldja Moort dance group and also teaches didgeridoo workshops for young boys and men. 

Dakota supplies various Didgeridoo’s, which all produce a unique and distinct sound. This workshop is an opportunity to learn an ancient Indigenous instrument and yarn with other men in your community. Classes are loose in structure, focusing on breathing techniques, different sounds and general jamming.

Baldja Moort - Dance workshops

Baldja Moort performing a smoking ceremony and dancing for the west coast eagles.

Baldja Moort performing a smoking ceremony and dancing for the west coast eagles.

Baldja Moort are young men who own and operate an Aboriginal traditional dance company. They perform at a number of events ranging from schools to big time companies and organisations.

"We all come from pretty disadvantaged backgrounds but lucky enough for us our culture has saved us and taken us down a different road.

We realise how privileged we are to have Nyoongar culture in our life's and also realise the responsibility being past on to us.

We know that we have to make sure our culture does not become history and that it will be kept alive a long time after we are gone as the old people have.

At Baldja Moort our aim is to make culture as strong as we can we want to include everyone and come together as one because we believe that's it's not about black or white, it's about our spirit or in Nyoongar our WEIRN.

It's time for change no more prejudice, no more racism and no more seperation lets become ONE!"


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