classic 2015

Well you all know the expression "6th time best" and the 6th ICEA Classic was no exception to that rule. Despite having to push the bad boy back a day, the team still pulled off the best Classic yet.

Kicking off with a Welcome to Country from Len Collard to all those that were excited enough to get themselves out of bed by 6am, things didn't slow down until the winners were awarded their prizes at sunset.

Highlights of the day included the Noongar adopt-a-word activity (mine was wandjoo = welcome), cultural walks by Len Collard, dudes and dudettes shredding it on the skatepark, the Wavelength battle of the bands competition, the froyo eating competition which saw Len Collard retire home due to severe brainfreeze, groms getting barrels out at cove, spear throwing with the Bardi Jawi and Nyul Nyul Rangers, yoga with Tamara Yoga, more good food than you could poke a stick at and I'm going to stop there before I list everything else that went down. 

Although the absolute best thing was the overwhelming buckets of smiles being thrown around the place.