Purple Hibiscus

A night old and still
Let the moonlight kiss his caramel skin
Let the stars bless his soul
As the air fills his newborn lungs

A mothers love so strong
Unable to release her grip
That wrapped his young heart
A mothers love, so strong

His name, she cries
Echoing in all the havoc
But she is silenced by policy
And defeated by force

In the distance,
She stands withered and broken
Her eyes on the horizon
As he disappears,
To a dusty road, filled with the unknown

Lost to a system,
Where the only one who wins is you,
Take him because of his skin,
But you can not take what is within.
Oh-eight, 'Sorry', 
She hears you,
But that will never undo,
All the lost time you can not deny.

I see her, we cry.
I am wrapped once more, a mothers love
The light that kisses,
The stars that bless,
The air that fills,
I am reborn,
Together we are strong.

Together we stand
Together we heal
Together we are the future


Allirra Winmar is a Noongar Balladong yorga from Quarading, WA. Allirra believes that with knowledge comes confidence, and is driven by her desire to learn more about her family's history and connections. Working as the Indigenous Engagement Officer at the ICEA Foundation, Allirra wants to empower young people to talk together about how the past impacts the present and inspire conversations that will develop mutual understanding and respect.