ICEA's First Newsletter (12/14/15)

It's ICEA's First Newsletter!
(Let's hope it's good)

Kaya and hello,

Fresh into the role I thought I'd take some time to reflect back and have a crack at a newsletter. I'll give a brief overview of what has been happening in ICEA land and then have a look around and see what else is going down around town. 

It's been a great few months for ICEA and we are semi surprised we actually made it through everything. We have pulled off the ICEA Classic, a handful of Marja Series, continued developing our new Yarn Program and have had a complete staff changeover (yew).

I'd also like to take the time to say how excited I am to take on this role and what an honour it is to continue the work before me. Being involved with ICEA for some time now I have seen it evolve to where it is now and also have a clear vision of where we want to get to. ICEA will continue to drive reconciliation and push for an Australia we can all be proud of by facilitating genuine experiences with Aboriginal culture via the Marja Series while also building the foundation of knowledge that we need to move forward in the Yarn Program.

ICEA has an open team structure and love adopting new people into our squad so take 3 minutes to hit us up and let us know you are keen. I've even included the volunteer interest form here to make your busy life that much easier.

Even more exciting times are coming in the new year and you may even need to update your ICEA bumper sticker come 2016 (whaaaaat?). Stay tuned til after the break to find out more...

Tom Joyner and the ICEA crew.


ICEA's freshest program, the Yarn Program, is all about creating conversations. It sees an Indigenous and non-Indigenous facilitator go into schools and have a chat with the students about Australia's shared history, Indigenous identity and reconciliation. It's about exploring where prejudices come from and why they still exist in Australia.

We believe that only once all Australians have a strong understanding of what has, and is happening in our own backyards will we be able to achieve reconciliation.

If you are interested in finding out more about this program or would like to have a chat about it please email for more information.

Remote Communities

On the most recent trip to the Dampier Peninsular we worked closely with the Bardi Jawi and Nyul Nyul Rangers and the local schools to encourage school attendance. We are lucky enough to receive support from Shell in making this program happen - they also support our Yarn Program so huge ups to them.

We were lucky enough to be there for the One Arm Point Remote Community School years 1 - 4 camp held at Kooljaman. The kids were kind enough to wake us up at 4:45am so we didn't miss out on any games and kept us entertained well into the night.

Working closely with the Bardi Jawi and Nyul Nyul Rangers we went into each of the schools and encouraged attendance through handing out incentives. We also managed to find time to go fishing, have waterfights, hunting and even eating a bit of KFG (Kimberley Fried Goolil.)

Smash the play button on this video and treat yourself to 2:30 of pure bliss.

Have a watch of this to gain an insight into what happens on these trips.

ICEA Classic

Well you all know the expression "6th time the best" and the 6th ICEA Classic was no exception to that rule. Despite having to push the bad boy back a day, the team still pulled off the best Classic yet. Kicking off with a Welcome to Country from Len Collard to all those that were excited enough to get themselves out of bed by 6am, things didn't slow down until the winners were awarded their prizes at sunset.

Highlights off the day included the Noongar adopt-a-word activity (mine was wandjoo = welcome), cultural walks by Len Collard, dudes and dudettes shredding it on the skatepark, shoe painting with TOMs, the Wavelength battle of the bands competition, the froyo eating competition which saw Len Collard retire home due to severe brainfreeze, groms getting barrels out at cove, spear throwing with the Bardi Jawi and Nyul Nyul Rangers, yoga with Tamara Yoga, more good food than you could poke a stick at and I'm going to stop there before I list everything else that went down. 

Although the absolute best thing was the overwhelming buckets of smiles being thrown around the place. 

ICEA board member and Noongar artist, Barbara Bynder, describes the Classic as 'unconscious reconciliation'. It's people coming together to celebrate everything that makes Australia special, the rich Indigenous culture, surfing, skating, live music, good food and the incredible coastline.

Have a squiz at some of the photos taken on the day here and here or watch thisvideo by Ari Gillespie from OK Media Group

Marja Series

If pictures speak a thousand words than videos must be somewhere in the millions. Here's a vid from the last event to save me typing out a million words

Gearing up for the next Marja Series, the Marja team have been expanding their horizons to engage with more youth and provide even more experiences with Aboriginal culture. It's a great oppurtinty to come down and see what ICEA's all about and hey, why don't you have some fun while you're at it.

There's always cultural activities, free feed and sweet tunes. Not a bad deal.

Want to volunteer?
Flick me a message at

So what else is going on around town...

Reconcilation WA are looking for a new Project Officer

Kimberley Benjamin (who also happens to be the Yarn Coordinator - don't worry she's not leaving us), will be leaving Reconciliation WA at the end of January 2016, after 2 years as the inaugural RWA Program Officer. Applications for this position are now open and details can be found here 

Walyalup Aboriginal Cultural Centre

Walyalup Aboriginal Cultural Centre in Fremantle throw out some fantastic cultural experiences - have a look at the Birak Program to find out whats coming up.

Loved the newsletter and keen to get involved?

Join the ICEA Team

As always ICEA is looking for new faces to come aboard and make some great things happen. Whether your strengths are  graphic design, knitting, flipping snags, taking photos, sending emails, writing curriculums, climbing trees, telling jokes or just generally-good-time-provider we are keen to have you onboard. Treat yourself and head here to sign up for one-hell of a ride, and don't worry, unlike that rollercoaster at adventureworld we don't have height restrictions (you don't even need to keep your hands inside the moving vehicle (yolo))